Business and Career Coaching

Business and Career Coaching

MPS Business Coaching helps you to target individuals’ potential for achieving company goals better. With coaching, your people’s self-reflection will develop, their limiting beliefs can be identified and their performance and well-being at work will be strengthened. Coaching provides tangible improvements in individuals’ behaviour.

Business Coaching is an individual leadership development process which concentrates on the unique situation and challenges of an individual. The client enhances his/her competencies and skills in order to achieve the organization’s short and long term goals with the aid of an inspiring coach.

The objective of MPS Business Coaching is to achieve permanent positive changes in behaviour. The change will improve the ability of the organization to achieve its strategic objectives. The process is guided by a certified coach and includes definition of the objectives, the coaching, and evaluation of the changes using agreed indicators. MPS Business Coaching is well suited, for example, to various change situations, and also for individuals and organizations that aim to develop themselves.

The coaching process serves as an excellent support in challenging leadership and transition situations, and it helps to discover new viewpoints. Business coaching increases one’s self-knowledge and awareness of personal resources and the impacts of individual actions.

Our company MPS Baltics has 4 Certified Business coaches in Lithuania.


Šiandien priklausome prestižiniams pasauliniams tinklams, kurie mums leidžia teikti aukščiausio lygio paslaugas lokaliai, tuo pačiu atliepiant globalius klientų poreikius.

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