Competency Assessment

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Competency assessments predict work behaviour and future development potential. Assessment solutions enable accurate leadership decisions through ability, personality and behavior for development and succession planning.

Competency Assessments for

  • Leader Assessment
  • Talent Assessment
  • Aptitude/ Potential Assessment

Value of Assessments:

  • More accurate hiring decisions
  • Saves time and money
  • Strengthens employer brand
  • Improves talent development and succession decisions
  • Supports decisions during reorganizations and restructuring
  • Successful alignment of people

The process in short:

  1. Competency model
  2. Assessment Stage – personality questionnaire, ability tests, In-tray, simulation and role play exercises, competency based interview
  3. Assessment report
  4. Feedback to the participant

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MPS Leader Assessment

In Leader Assessments, we emphasize the suitability of the leader’s personality to the operating environment and its challenges. The organization’s situation, environment, strategy and culture create the criteria for good leadership and should be taken into account when selecting leaders. The leader’s work career and achievements do not tell everything, and alone do not predict future success as a leader. The leader’s personality and way of operating affects the dynamics and culture of the whole management team, which further affects the organization’s efficiency and the satisfaction of the staff. According to some studies, the dissatisfaction with management and closest supervisor is the main reason why people change jobs.

It is not possible to define management competencies that are common to all organizations, but studies show that certain features and practices of the leader’s personality are very important for success. When selecting a leader, it is essential to identify the risk factors associated with the leader’s personality and way of operating.

The leader’s personality does matter

Because the leader’s personality and style of operating are indeed significant, Leader Assessments emphasize the suitability of the leader’s personality to the operating environment and its challenges. The starting point of the assessment is to map out the organization’s situation, the needs of the future, and the culture on which we define the criteria for each leader position. We always use multiple methods in assessments. Our Leader Assessments include an interview regarding the leader’s business know-how and a broad psychological interview, as well as an examination of the personality, work style and motivation. Substance competence, achievements and leader’s personality is the combination of a successful leadership.

Talent Assessment

MPS Talent assessments support your business by identifying the most appropriate workplace behaviours and know-how for different situations. One of our certified consultants will carry out the assessment for you, listening to your organisation’s needs and appreciating the individual.

Talent assessment is an effective tool in all situations in working life when there is a need to assess the skills, strengths and development needs of potential employees. We help you to recognise people who have the competence, motivation and style of working that are appropriate for the situation and for your organisation. We combine versatile competencies with reliable, continuously developing assessment methods and efficient service processes to produce assessments that meet your needs.

MPS Talent assessments include coaching-oriented feedback both to the party commissioning the assessment and to the person being assessed. Constructive and productive feedback can help to improve the assessee’s self-knowledge, strengthen their motivation and give their supervisor useful knowledge that will support professional development. We take pride in our satisfied candidates and customer-friendly, professional way of operating, which supports our customers’ HR processes and enhances the employer image. When you need to find talent and develop it, contact us for further details!

MPS Aptitude/ Potential Assessment

Building a successful organisation requires that you recruit the right people for the job. In recruitment the assessment process begins with defining the criteria for success. We decide on the objectives of the assessment together with the supervisor responsible for the recruitment and choose the methods to be applied according to the objectives for each assessment situation. We give our conclusions on the candidate’s aptitude in the form of a clear, perceptive report. Constructive feedback also adds to the self-knowledge of the person involved in the assessment.

Our assessments include interviews, psychological tests, simulations, and case assignments. We tailor the content of the assessments according to the situation. The methods we use in personnel assessment are designed for using in business environment. They are entitled to assess behavior in job situations, thus establishing confidence for assessed persons that exercises used in assessment are relevant to real job situations and provide opportunities for demonstrating his/her skills.


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