Search and recruitment

MPS Baltic Search is our solution when you are looking for people for challenging expert or middle management tasks in terms of competence requirements or job location.

MPS’s search process may be the most effective – even the only – way of finding a specialist with expertise in a very narrow field. Traditional job advertisements may not necessarily be sufficiently effective in reaching a small target group. This explains why MPS Search is an efficient, accurate tool for conducting searches on the expert level.

MPS Search reaches and makes an impact on those people who are not actively looking for a new job. These expert networks are developed systematically and consistently by MPS consultants. MPS consultant defines the search criteria together with the client’s representative, after which experienced research consultants use different sources to search candidates.

When we start a recruitment process, the immediate first thing is for MPS to familiarize ourselves with the client’s values, vision, strategy, organisation, goals and modes of conduct. We find out what is expected from the person to be searched and the key success factors for performing well in the position.



Šiandien priklausome prestižiniams pasauliniams tinklams, kurie mums leidžia teikti aukščiausio lygio paslaugas lokaliai, tuo pačiu atliepiant globalius klientų poreikius.

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