Executive Search

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Executive Search is leadership advisory/ management consulting services that help companies achieve a competitive advantage. We are committed to our clients’ success, because as partners we understand what is at stake—the value of success and the cost of failure.

We access executives and professionals who may not be actively seeking a new position, and treat their potential interest with a high degree of confidentiality. Passive candidates are not looking for changes, so we can help these hidden candidates see the potential advantages of making a move for the right opportunity. As Executive Search partner we will actively seek out the best talent for you and bring you multiple candidates to choose from to make the best decision.

Executive Search process in short:

  • Job profile – analysis of your business, values, organization, leadership culture and requirements for the;
  • Long list – market research to target companies and positions, other resource analysis;
  • Interview – structured and purposeful potential candidate approach and screening; initial and motivational interviews;
  • Short list, competency assessments and reference checks;
  • Client decision – employment negotiations;
  • On-boarding support, follow-up.

We work consistently and creatively until we have found you a solution. We have a proven track record of hundreds of successful assignments since 2000.


Šiandien priklausome prestižiniams pasauliniams tinklams, kurie mums leidžia teikti aukščiausio lygio paslaugas lokaliai, tuo pačiu atliepiant globalius klientų poreikius.

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