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Despina Bogiqi

Marketing Specialist (Parental Leave)

Despina joined MPS in 2016 and works currently as a Marketing Specialist. Her main role is to support sales and plan, execute, report, and develop marketing actions. She takes care of both digital and print marketing, social media channels, webpages, and different Google services. She also creates visual materials and organizes live events and webinars. She enjoys creative work but is also very passionate about different systems and tools as well as automation and analytics. Before joining MPS, she worked in Customer Service.

She holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Laurea University of Applied Sciences, specializing in Marketing and a degree in Graphic Design from Helsinki Design School. In her free time, Desi loves to spend time with her family, watch movies and travel.


Finnish, English





Despina Bogiqi
Despina Bogiqi
despina.bogiqi@mps.fi +358 20 746 9429