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Elina Koskela

CEO, MPS Enterprises | Partner

Elina Koskela is a Leadership Influencer who promotes tomorrow's leadership by serving as the CEO at MPS Enterprises but also working as an Executive Search Consultant, Advisor of management teams and as an Executive Coach. She has specialized in leadership careers, leadership personalities and future leadership competences.

Elina´s work experience is in the field of HR, leadership development and line management responsibilities. She has a Master’s Degree in Social Sciences and she has an endless interest towards social phenomena of working life.

Elina believes in balance. She believes that life is an entity where one should have a good balance between work, home, wellness and friends. She takes care of her own energy by spending time with her family, living an active seaside life and developing herself into a better rider and grand piano player.


Finnish, English


Espoo, Turku


Certified Business Coach



Elina Koskela
Elina Koskela
elina.koskela@mps.fi +358 20 746 9692